J. J. Arias, Professor of Economics
B.S. Penn State University; Ph.D. Texas A&M University

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"There is nothing which requires more to be illustrated by philosophy than trade does."  ~  Samuel Johnson

"It is impossible to give the state the power to help without also giving it the power to harm"

"It is through exchange that difference becomes a blessing, not a curse." ~ Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain

"The Democratic tendency to make gods of successful politicians makes it all the more necessary to oppose them vigorously" ~ H.L. Mencken (1956)

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421 Atkinson Hall
Phone: (478) 445-2085
Fax: 478.445.1535
E-mail: jj.arias@gcsu.edu

ClassesóSummer 2019

††††† Principles of Macroeconomics


    Marginal Revolution

    Mankiw's blog

    Library of Economics and Liberty

    Cafe Hayek

    Economists Do It With Models

    The Money Illusion

    Keith Hennessey


    Drew Carey and Middle Class

†† The Case Against Paterno

Teaching Interests:  Macroeconomics, Senior Seminar, Industrial Organization, Comparative Economic Systems

Research Interests:  Applied Game Theory, Monetary Economics, Teaching Economics